About us

Leaf and Mark cannabis manufactures Canada’s lowest-cost, highest quality cannabis gummies, baked products and confectionary, sold through our subsidiaries – YOLO Cannabis and FUBAR Cannabis. We have a federally licensed production facility in Calgary, Alberta, providing direct sales and distribution to the Canadian regulated market.

Our primary focus is on delicious edibles, and we have exclusive proprietary technology that has delivered more than 50 million units into the US regulated market alone. This cutting-edge technology also allows us to manufacture baked goods (cookie and brownie bites), savory crisps (popcorn, corn or wheat crackers), and much more.

At Leaf and Mark, we’re dedicated to using only the finest raw materials and components in our manufacturing processes. We employ stringent quality control procedures to ensure all products are consistent in appearance. We have the capacity to produce more than 200,000 pieces per day and our equipment is of the highest quality and efficiency, which allows us to deliver goods in a safe and secure environment.

Our promise

Our CBD and THC edibles are of the highest quality available on the market across Canada and we are committed to quality and integrity at every level of our business.

Meet our CEO

Matthew Philipchuk started his career in the junior oil and gas industry in the 90’a and switched his attention to the Cannabis sector in 2010’s. Throughout his career, Mr. Philipchuk focused on corporate strategy, equity financing, debt financing, and corporate strategy execution. 

Currently, he holds the following executive roles:

  • CannaUnion.com – Founding Director – a CBD focused e-commerce business serving customers in the EU and UK
  • Grow Capital – President – Grow Capital family office/venture firm: invested considerable start-up capital in Rose Lifescience
  • Rose Lifescience – Director – Quebec’s premier licensed producer and distributor

Previous executive roles:

  • 314 Pure – Consultant – engaged to develop their in-house brand “Poolboy Cannabis”, which is one of Western Canada’s fastest-growing cannabis brands.
  • 9Round Fitness – Franchise Owner – An award-winning fitness franchisor with six fitness locations in Calgary, Alberta, and the top-grossing location in North America, two years running.
  • Bight Petroleum, Rodinia Oil, PetroFrontier & Win Energy – Founder & Senior Executive – He was the founder of and senior executive to three publicly listed and one private oil and gas exploration company, where he raised over $200M in public capital and ran the day-to-day operations.