Canada’s lowest cost highest quality edibles

Baked goods and confectionery manufacturer in a federally licensed production facility in Calgary, Alberta

Quality Guarantee

Leaf & Mark provides the highest quality edibles in Canada, using only the best technology and raw ingredients to produce delicious treats for all to enjoy.  We manufacture products in our federally licensed production facility in Calgary, Alberta.

Through our licensed brands, we are capable of distributing a wide range of gummies and other confectionary, as well as baked items (cookie and brownie pieces), savoury crisps (popcorn, corn or wheat crackers), and much more.

Our Brands

FUBAR: F#d Up Beyond All Recognition
YOLO: You Only Live Once

FUBAR Cannabis and YOLO Cannabis are our brands, offering a range of edibles products to customers around the world. Our CBD treats are a sweet delight for your taste senses, and area made with the purest CBD isolate in our high-tech manufacturing facility in Calgary. Check out our BRANDS page for more information and links to shop.


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